Kourosh Safaei Ghaderi
27 Tehran

Senior Graphic Design and Web Developing Specialist
Birth Date: 1993
Marital Status: Single

Professional Experiences

    • Upgrading and Developing Dragon's Website by Lead in designs and performance to redesign Dragon Jewelry site to be more efficient and it has a much better Alexa's rank.

    • We had gotten great result by a really good teamwork Job by accounting’s report we had been increasing sell more than 200% in one year that was more than our expectation.

  • besides Website developing, I also took photos and also edit & retouch them (modeling, product, banner). Plus making animation banner and also editing videos and what’s more, I also helped graphic department for social media posts.

Banimode, 2016-2017
    • My important job was to design imagaes for social media, sites, packaging, ads, billboards, cards, handbags and also decorating stores.Besides this, I held opening branch parties.

    • We had done a lot of promotion at least once or twice in a month. I also made videos, photos, slide shows and banners for every promotion and also I had decorated stores for twice a year.


Iran Termeh Home, 2011-2016
  • I commenced my job from here, I took pictures of products and designed cataloges, banners and Logos for offset prints. What’s more, I designed fabrics with EAT application. You can see some of my design on fabric designing part.

Website Design


  • Dragonworldshop.com
  • Royanhotel.ir
  • BehzadParsaee.com
  • jk.dev.edoramedia.com
  • KoroshSafaei.ir
Professional Profile
  • Senior graphic design specialist with +7 years of experience in the management of the complete design process, from drawing board to delivery
  • Website Specialist with +4 years of experience in the createion and maintenance of sites on different platforms
  • Skilled adobe operator (photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver)
    Website programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery)
    Video making Applications (After Effect, Final Cut)
  • SEO and Digital Marketing specialist
  • Experienced in photography and retouch for modelling and industry

+ Additional Experience

I’ve worked as a freelancer for designing sites, social media posts and also making film. plus I have tought photoshop, wordpress and Office. what’s more, I passed SEO courses and I have a good knowledge about Digital Marketing.